Old Man Walks Several Miles Each Day to Beg Food for Disabled Daughters after Wife Died

Proving just how much a father would sacrifice to care for his children and ensure their survival, an old man in Barangay Tiguib Ayungon, Negros Oriental, in the Philippines walks several miles each day just to find food for his disabled daughters after his wife died.

Identified as Tatay Arunting, the old man was found by good Samaritans, including Frances Baena, in 2015 while he was asking for alms.

Each day, he had to trek down the mountain for at least 30 minutes plus another 30 minutes to reach the town, just so he could ask for food from kind-hearted strangers. At the end of the day, he treks back up to feed his daughters.

Screenshot from video by Frances Baena / YouTube

Surprised by his story, the good Samaritans decided to trek back to the old man’s house and discovered that he was telling the truth.

At the house, the old man’s two adult daughters were waiting for their father to bring them food. With the two having the mental age of children and also having difficulty walking, there was not much Tatay Arunting could expect from them as help.

In fact, it was other way around. Despite his obviously advanced age (he’s already lost count of the years), Tatay Arunting had to be hands on in caring for his two disabled daughters.

Screenshot from video by Frances Baena / YouTube

Considering the old man’s age and the family’s condition, Baena and the other good Samaritans formulated a plan to relocate them to the town, nearer to the market and to neighbors. Help poured in from various sectors. Soon enough, a house was built for Tatay Arunting and his daughters.

Showing that the bayanihan spirit is still alive, people also helped physically carry his daughters down the mountain to their new house.

Watch their touching story here:

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