OFW in Kuwait Sent to Jail by Employer for Unknown Reasons, Stuck in Prison for Months with No Help

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who works in Kuwait as household helper has been suffering in a prison cell after her employer sent her to jail for unknown reasons. Some of her friends are now trying to seek help in order to get her out of her predicament before something bad happens to her there.

In a post reshared by Facebook page OFW News Portal, Amalukes Haimen Abubakar revealed that a Pinay household worker named Bhaie Mangilen Bairoslanor is currently imprisoned in Kuwait for unknown reasons. It is said that her employer sent her there.

Photo credit: Amalukes Haimen Abubakar / Facebook

Abubakar not only shared photos of the OFW but also a portion of her contract which revealed that her full name is Nelda Pidtamanan Mangilen from Kabacan, Cotabato. While her passport number and date it was released (October 14, 2014) were included in the contract, the dates pertaining to her job were not shown in the photo.

Photo credit: Amalukes Haimen Abubakar / Facebook

Mangilen’s employer was identified as Mashael Hadi Eshq Alajmi, a Kuwaiti national. As with most OFWs, she had two agencies. One based in the Philippines named KG & P International Services Inc. and its counterpart in Kuwait, Khalid Al-Azmi Manpower.

In the post shared by Abubakar, little details were released pertaining to Mangilen’s case but he hopes that the matter will be looked into by the government, especially because the Pinay helper has been alone in her jail cell for months.

Photo credit: Amalukes Haimen Abubakar / Facebook

She earlier had other companions in the cell but according Abubakar, the others have already been released. It appears that there’s no one helping her out that’s why she’s left alone in the cell, Abubakar noted.

We hope that Mangilen will truly find the help she needs before something bad happens to her in that jail cell in Kuwait.