Netizens Praise Young Student Who Doesn’t Feel Ashamed Selling Corn to Pay for Private School

Netizens are praising a young student who does not feel ashamed about selling corn during his free time, so he could help pay for his tuition fees in a private school!

It all started when another student, Facia Lois Estive, posted photos about this young man on Facebook, praising him for being hard working and for doing his best to earn money so he could go to school.

According to Facia, she and a friend were just having some snacks when they noticed the young vendor across the street who had a rather large crowd of buyers. But beyond having customers, what really caught their attention was the uniform he was wearing.

Photo credit: Facia Lois Estive / Facebook

Curious, the two asked the young man some questions and learned that he’s in senior high school and taking up the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) track because he plans on studying BS Psychology in college.

After school and during days when there are no classes, this young man would sell corn. He would remit his earnings to his mother as his dad had already passed away.

In selling corn, he was able to send himself to school! Isn’t that wonderful?

Photo credit: Facia Lois Estive / Facebook

Facia and her friend was not able to ask for his name but they later identified him as Joel Mendiola, a student of the University of the East (UE), a private school in Manila.

What made netizens admire him even more is that he does not feel ashamed about selling corn even if he studies at a private school! But we think he’s actually quite proud of the fact that he sells corns even if he is in a private school. Isn’t he inspiring?