Mother Hears Daughter Crying Over Heartbreak, Makes Her Happy with Cool Note and Some Money

Most of us have cried over a broken heart but don’t usually tell our parents the reason for our heartaches and don’t even let them hear us crying, if possible. The reason for this is that a lot of parents would get angry, especially if you are not yet allowed to be in a relationship in the first place! Oooooops.

But one girl who has been through a lot of heartaches was overheard by her mother while she was crying one night. The following morning, she received a cool surprise from her mom!

Photo credit: Maria Florine Vergara Pressman / Facebook

Maria Florine Vergara Pressman shares a photo of money amounting to Php2,000 ($40) which she received from her mother. It was stuck on the fridge door together with a note that read, “Igala mo yan! #DramaPaMore.

Now, many moms wouldn’t do that, for sure – and Florine even half-expected to receive a note telling her to stop being a fool in love but this was certainly a much welcome surprise.

Photo credit: Maria Florine Vergara Pressman / Facebook

Many netizens loved her post, with a lot feeling envious that she has such a generous and understanding mother because other mothers would have just admonished their daughters and certainly wouldn’t give them any money just because they were crying.

What can you say about this?

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