Man with Deformed Arms and No Legs Earns Praise for Dedication in Work as Traffic Aide

He might not have legs and his arms might be deformed but this did not stop Magdalino “Onkol” Borces from becoming a dedicated traffic aide, working under the heat of the sun and even under pouring rain. For his hard work and dedication, he was featured on Front Row where he gained praise from netizens.

The 59-year-old traffic aide lives and works at Barangay Kasambagan in Cebu City, central Philippines. Without a family to support except a niece who helps cook his food and wash his clothes, Tatay Onkol is happy with the Php2,000 ($40) salary he receives every month.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

Because his relatives also provide him with food, he even gets to save half of his salary in his bank account so he could have something to use for emergencies!

In his job, Tatay Onkol has to work from 6AM to 6PM but he is primarily needed only during rush hours; thus, he gets two generous breaks each day so he can rest.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

To get to his customized post, Tatay Onkol rides a tricycle which was modified so he could use his good hand to move the pedals. Once he is at his post, he directs traffic from atop the customized platform – and because he uses a traffic glove, many do not notice that he actually has a disability.

According to the chief traffic enforcer and Barangay Captain Franklyn Ong, they helped Tatay Onkol because he was patient, hardworking, and smart. They were pleased that he earns some money in the job while also solving the traffic problem that hounds the barangay.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

Gusto ko magtrabaho. Ayaw ko ng istambay. Tutulong ako sa mga tao, kasi traffic aide yung posisyon ko,” Tatay Onkol said.

May mga motorista, [nakikita] nila sa trapik, walang kamay, walang paa, naawa sila sakin. Sabi ko sa kanila ‘OK lang. OK lang po.’

What an admirable man! Watch him featured on Front Row here: