Man Impressed by Duterte’s SONA Donates Php10-Million Medical Equipment for Wounded Soldiers to Use

Photo credit: Tinton Deveza / Facebook

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is an important but expensive medical equipment used to promote healing in severe infections such as those experienced by soldiers who got wounded in the battlefield and, sometimes, get their limbs amputated.

Because it is expensive, it is not a common equipment found in hospitals across the Philippines – and certainly not in government facilities.

During President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), while talking about procurement of medical equipment especially in military hospitals like the V. Luna General Hospital (the AFP General Hospital), he asked whether the facility even had a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Photo credit: Tinton Deveza / Facebook

But though that was only mentioned in passing, financial consultant Tinton Deveza caught it and was so impressed by the president’s plans and actions that he immediately posted on Facebook a call for his friends with connections to Malacañang to help facilitate his donation of the family-owned hyperbaric oxygen chamber to the government hospital!

Amazingly, even if Deveza bought the equipment for Php10 million, he’s giving it for free to the military hospital for the wounded soldiers to use! Isn’t this so amazing considering that he’s not even a government official and has no obligation whatsoever to give anything to the hospital but he did so with a happy heart!

Photo credit: Tinton Deveza / Facebook

Thanks to Sir Tinton Deveza, our wounded soldiers would soon have a better chance of survival – and he saved the government several millions of pesos to buy the equipment, too! Who here agrees that Sir Deveza is a modern-day hero?