Love-Struck Guy Pays for Billboard Just to Ask Erich Gonzales to Have Coffee with Him

In what is believed to be the first time this happened in history, a guy paid for a full-sized billboard just to ask a popular local actress to have coffee with him – and the coffee ‘proposal’ certainly took the local social media by storm!

It all started when a brokenhearted young man, Xian S. Gaza, went to watch a movie and met actress Erich Gonzales by chance. Erich and her friends were sitting in front of Xian at the movie house. When the movie ended, he summoned the courage to ask her for a selfie which she readily obliged.

When he finally ‘moved on’ from his broken relationship, he realized that he’s developed feelings for the young actress but multiple attempts to personally reach her failed. After running out of ideas on how he could ever meet Erich again and ask her to go out on a date with him, Xian had a Eureka moment.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

He paid for a billboard at Morayta in Metro Manila, making sure that it would attract much attention from the public. Indeed, within minutes of posting a photo of his coffee date proposal to Erich, his Facebook post went viral!

The billboard ad was simple but certainly got the attention of netizens. On it, a cartoon of a guy holds a jewelry box in his hand, in similar fashion to that done by guys in a proposal. A thought balloon showed, “I can’t even espresso how much i like you a latte.

Erich’ real name and screen name were placed in a memo pad at the back of the cartoon guy who was ‘saying’, “Will you… drink coffee with me?

To make sure that everyone knows this was from him and not some random guy, Xian made sure the cartoon guy was wearing a baseball cap with his full name on it.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

As of press time, Xian’s post has over 11k reactions, more than 3.3k shares, and hundreds of comments.

While a lot of netizens thought this was too cheesy and that Xian had gone overboard, we do admire the guy for trying – and in a unique, creative way!

Others commented how he was ‘just throwing his money away’ by paying for the billboard, knowing Erich is a celebrity and ‘way out of his league’ but he surely has a lot of money to ‘throw away’ – and it’s all for love, anyway!

Moreover, Xian is no ‘ordinary guy’; he certainly has deep pockets and had even recently figured in a viral post after he outdid a networking guy who tried to make a ‘power move’ by boasting about his gadgets during a meeting. Hmmmmmm.

Do you think Erich will go out with him? Let’s wait and see!

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