Lost Child Returns Home to Seek Biological Parents, Finds and Reunites with Them After 30 Long Years

Photo : Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Facebook

There couldn’t be a happier moment than a person who has been lost and found his way back home. Such as this story of a child who had been lost more than 30 years ago yet he longed to know his roots and go back to his real family.

Joel de Carteret got lost when he was only 4 years old. His story was featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’s TV program aired via GMA Channel 7 and was also featured on its Facebook account.

According to its episode aired last January 22, Joel was seen alone crying in Munoz market in 1985 until he was seen by a jeepney driver. And since Joel at that very young age wasn’t able to identify himself in full details as to where he lives and the name of his parents so he can be sent home, the kind driver took him to an orphanage.

After 2 years of staying in the orphanage with no one looking and claiming for the lost boy, he was made available for adoption. He was adopted by an Australian couple, Julie and George de Carteret who brought him to Australia.

Photo : Screenshot Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Facebook

As he was assumed to be brought up well by the couple and showered with so much love for Joel had grown up to be a fine man; he also became a successful filmmaker.

Photo : Screenshot Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Facebook

But behind Joel’s success was the emptiness and longing to meet his real family and his Filipino roots. So he decided to go back to the Philippines in Munoz market, exactly where he got lost and started his journey in looking after his family last December 2016.

He went around the market carrying his photo when he was 4 years old and showed it to people hoping to find his parents who would be able to identify him through the picture.

I’ve really started to really understand my Filipino side. And to come to the Philippines and to see people that look like me and people who could potentially be my parents,” Joel said as he broke down in tears.

Photo: Screenshot Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Facebook

According to him, his memories of his parents was that, his mother was a dress maker and his father was a jeepney driver.

As Joel’s search in Munoz market continued, he was led to a couple named Danilo and Vicky who also lost their child 30 years ago. They underwent a DNA test to establish if they were his biological parents which result came out last February and was negative.  This was featured at KMJS’s episode aired last February 5.

Jojo’s journey in searching for his real parents was not easy but KMJS’s episodes opened doors for more people to know Joel’s search for his parents which led to identifying Herminia or Linda who could be his potential mother.

When he knew that Herminia’s son was also missing 30 years ago and her son’s name was Joel, he said that he had goosebumps. Unfortunately, he was unable to locate Herminia right away but he was able to meet her friends.  They even shared fond memories of him when he was a child for his mother would always brought him wherever she goes.

The development of his case also led to the idea that Carding could possibly be the name of his father until he finally get the chance to talk to him. Indeed, Carding confirmed that he was his biological father.   He is currently working as a Chief Mechanic in the United States.

Photo : Screenshot Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Facebook

Two months had passed but there was not even a single information as to Herminia’s whereabouts so Joel decided to go back to Australia. But few days before his flight, he went to a radio station and did an announcement in his search for his beloved mother.

After the announcement has been aired, the staff of KMJS searched for Herminia until they’ve found her, so one day before Joel’s departure for Australia, they’ve set the meeting of the two.

Their reunion had been so emotional as they showed each other the same picture of Joel which they used to look for him.  People around them also broke down in tears as they were touched by their gestures.

Both of them underwent a DNA test whose result came out last February and was positive! Finally, they’ve found each other after 30 long years.

Joel flew back to the Philippines last April with his adoptive mother, Julie. It was a very heartwarming scenario to see two mothers who had great love for their son. One mother who had given birth and lost her son, and a mother who considered a child as her own and took care of him for three decades.

Photo : Screenshot Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Facebook

For Mommy Julie, she said she was very happy to meet Mama Herminia, the one who had given birth to her adopted son. She was extremely happy for both of them. For Mama Herminia, she said it was the happiest moment in her life as she didn’t expect to find her lost son after three decades.

Joel finally found his biological mother after his long search and longing for her. He said he felt complete as if he had connected all the dots and said that he can now honor his Filipino side.

To distinguish his two moms from one another, Jojo called his biological mother, “Mama Herminia” and his adopted mother, “Mommy Julie.”

After the very long and successful search of Jojo for his biological mother, he posted on his Facebook account a message to all those who are in the same situation as his.

Photo : Joel de Carteret/Facebook

Joel was very grateful to Jessica Soho for all the assistance she did to him until he was able to find his family.

Truly, there can never be a better place for a child than to be back to his family and in his mother’s arms.