LOOK: Kris Aquino Takes a Dip in Swimming Pool While Wearing a Designer Gown!

Designer gowns are expensive – well, you can say “very expensive”, with price tags that majority of Pinoy might not be able to afford. So, it is understandable that one would want to keep designer gowns in tip top shape, taking care that it wouldn’t be damaged, right?

Well, “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino has worn designer gowns all her life that she’s taken this to a whole new level by taking a dip in the swimming pool while wearing one! Yeah, she really did get that gown wet but we’re willing to bet the designer wasn’t angry at all because he’s gotten free publicity out of this.

Photo credit: @krisaquino / Instagram

The day’s events started with Kris wearing a gown by young Pinoy designer Michael Leyva to the wedding of Alfred Vargas and Yasmine Espiritu. Kris candidly captioned her photo with the hashtag #ninangofallmedia in allusion to her being the Queen of All Media and her role as ninang in the wedding.

Later that day, Kris posted another photo, this time with her managing director who was celebrating his birthday. The two took a pose by the swimming, with their feet soaking in the water. Part of Kris’ gown was already in the water.

So, since the gown was already wet, anyway, Kris decided to have more fun by taking a dip in the pool and do a mini photoshoot, as suggested by her managing director. She’s proven that she can be candid and spontaneous, doing things at the spur of the moment, too.

What do you think about Kris and her designer gown?