Kindhearted SSS Manager Goes Viral, Earns Praise for Personally Assisting a Widow Insulted by an SSS Employee

It is a sad reality in many government offices in the Philippines that employees freely insult and shout at those who go to their office to seek help, not giving these people consideration even if this was their first time to go to such office and obviously have no idea how things are supposed to work in that particular office.

The Social Security System (SSS) is among the government offices with the most number of complaints on citizen hotline 8888. But a recent post from a local radio man in Kalibo, Aklan showed that there are still kindhearted people working at this office even if there are many who are also heartless.

Radio news anchor Archie Guray Hilario narrated how a widow had gone to their radio station to seek help in filing for her benefits at SSS. According to the widow, she first went to SSS Kalibo to file her claim after her husband died but was told that because her husband had two SSS accounts, these two must first be consolidated before she could continue filing the claim.

Photo credit: Archie Guray Hilario / Facebook

But the next time she went to the SSS office, the employee who attended to her claim told her she’s just wasting her time processing the documents because she would only be receiving a small amount of money, anyway.

Feeling insulted but unsure of what to do next as the employee refused to help her, the widow went home. When a friend heard about what happened, she was advised to seek help from the radio station.

Knowing the widow’s rights to that SSS claim, no matter how big or small it might be, Hilario accompanied the two women to the SSS office where they were entertained by another employee named Ma’am Love.

Photo credit: Archie Guray Hilario / Facebook

The widow was crying as she narrated what happened to her during her previous visits to the office. At that exact moment, branch manager Elisa Llavan saw them and asked what was wrong. The lady told the manager what transpired between her and the other employee.

She was asked to point the employee in question; when she did so, the manager promised to discipline the employee and help the widow with her concern. This time, the claim was processed quickly – and the amount wasn’t really ‘small’ as what the rude employee had told her, Hilario revealed.

Photo credit: Archie Guray Hilario / Facebook

After Hilario’s post went viral, several netizens also shared their own bad experiences with SSS and commented how they wished the employees in other SSS offices were as kind as Ma’am Love and branch head Ma’am Elisa. Do you agree? We certainly do!

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