Jollibee Service Crew Mocked for ‘Smelling Like Burgers’ by Students in Jeep, Reveals Inspiring Story

A young man in a hurry to get on his way after his long shift ended at Jollibee got mocked in the jeep for ‘smelling like burgers’. He kept his calm and later shared the story on Facebook where it gained much attention from netizens.

According to Clint Rematado Gardose, he had to extend a few hours at work that day; thus, he was in such a hurry to go out that he was not able to clean up well. Considering that he worked long hours in his shift, the scent of burgers stuck to his clothes and skin.

In the jeep, a girl and what appears to be her classmates began to talk in ‘inverted’ language as they mocked him for smelling like burgers. They inverted ‘amoy burger’ (smells like burgers) as they laughed, thinking he couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

One of the students added, “Alaws pang ilib ng nobas.” ([He has] no money to buy soap.)

Photo credit: Clint Rematado Gardose / Facebook

Gardose understood every word of what they were saying but while he was understandably hurt and insulted over what the students were saying, he kept his calm and didn’t say anything back to them.

He would later post his experience on Facebook, in hopes that the girl and her friends would find it and realize what they had done. According to Gardose, while he admits that he did smell of burgers, he is not ashamed about it because it was through flipping burgers that he is able to go to school and would be graduating soon!

Hi ateng nsa jeep knina at mga tropa mong classmate mo ata yun na binabaligtad nyo pa salita nyo na sinasabihan nyo ako na amoy burger? haha di nman ako galit don kasi totoo nman 😂😊

Uminit lng yung ulo ko sa katabi kong lalake na tropa mo din na sabi “alaws pang ilib ng nobas” di ako bobo alam kung pinag uusapan nyo kinakalma ko lng ang sarili ko.. ang gagalang pa nman ng suot nyo 😠

Sana mkita mo tong post ko para malaman mo king bkit amoy burger ako haha 😉 galing kasi akong work nung time na yun tas accidentally na extended ako kya di nko msxado nag linis haha 😊😊😊

At saka diko nman kinahihiya yung amoy na yun dahil sa pagiging amoy burger graduating nako 😇Yun lng sa mga mkaka amoy ng burger wag kayo ma beast mode sarap kya nun 😊

Let this be a lesson for us not to discriminate others because we don’t really know their full story…