Jeepney Driver Forced to Bring Sick Daughter While Driving Because His Wife Left Them for Another Man

The heart-wrenching situation of a selfless father and his sick daughter was brought to light by a concerned netizen who took pity on their sad plight and shared the story on Facebook where netizens would soon pledge help.

Josie M. Dela Cruz shared how she and her family were riding a jeep to Marilao, Bulacan when she noticed a frail woman sleeping in the front seat. At first she thought this was driver Rey Lemon’s wife but would soon discover that the woman was his 16-year-old daughter, Mary Joy.

Photo credit: Josie M. Dela Cruz / Facebook

The girl suffers from a kidney condition and is bed-ridden but instead of caring for their daughter and helping him out, Rey’s wife left them for another man.

According to the driver, he has to bring Mary Joy when he drives because there was no one he can leave her to, especially because his two other children are in school.

Earning only Php200 to Php300 ($4 to $6) per day, Rey struggles to make ends meet and to provide for his three children; thus, he could not afford to bring Mary Joy to the hospital and buy her medications.

The 51-year-old dad laments his plight, telling ABS-CBN News, “Nakiki-boundary lang po ako. Walang-wala naman kami kaya hindi ko talaga maipagamot. Minsan sumasakit na talaga ang ulo ko sa kakaisip sa sitwasyon namin.

Photo credit: Josie M. Dela Cruz / Facebook

But he really has no choice but to go to work each day, bringing Mary Joy along.

Itataguyod ko ng maayos ang mga anak ko. Maghahanap-buhay ako kahit mahirap, kakayanin ko,” the selfless dad said.

Netizens have promised to help the family. Rey remains hopeful that people would help him seek medical assistance for Mary Joy so she could finally get better.

If you wish to help, Rey Lemon of Cacarong Pandi Bulacan may be reached at 0948-861-8629.

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