He’s ‘Just’ a Fishball Vendor but This Man has Sent All His Kids to College!

Belittled when she was young because she’s ‘just’ the daughter of a fishball vendor, Girlie Verzosa would later prove the bullies that one can still succeed in life even if she is ‘just’ the daughter of a fishball vendor!

In a post that has since gone viral on Facebook, Versoza shared how she had grown up being bullied after her schoolmates discovered her father sells fishball. They would call her names, especially because she had a circular birthmark that resembled a fishball.

Photo credit: Girlie Verzosa / Facebook

Despite the bullying, Versoza didn’t entirely feel bad about herself because her father taught her to just be herself and not try to act or look rich just to have friends. Moreover, she graduated salutatorian from elementary, something that made her a notch higher over the bullies.

Photo credit: Girlie Verzosa / Facebook

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