This Guy Transforms from #Harambe to #HaramBAE, Fitness Journey Wows Netizens

Ever since he was a child, Hanz Rainier Arias had been chubby. He loves sweets and junk food so much that the calories just added up and his fats continued to pile up. By 21, he weighed 225 lbs (102 kg).

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While he had not been bothered by his weight for many years, this would become a reality check for the young man who was pushed by his cousin to take action because his weight was getting out of control. At 5’6”, being 225 lbs meant he was already obese.

Photo credit: Hanz Rainier Arias / Facebook

At first, he had doubts that he could survive the rigors of working out to lose weight. He had always loved food – why stop now? What if he couldn’t handle the struggles that came along in his weight loss journey?

He had so many questions to ask that the thought of losing weight became even more challenging to him. But he eventually found the motivation to take the first step. His journey to losing weight was not easy, as everyone who’s been there would tell you.

Photo credit: Hanz Rainier Arias / Facebook

Cutting back on the food he loved and eating a healthy diet wasn’t easy but seeing good results translate to his body, Arias began to feel more motivated to lose weight. He also hit the gym, doing cardio five times a week.

To motivate himself to work out, he downloaded a fitness app and watched YouTube videos. While he wasn’t always consistent with diet and exercise, he managed to hang on and continue with what he is doing so that a year later, he was able to lose 65 lbs (29.5 kg). He was also able to trim down 8 inches of his waistline.

Photo credit: Hanz Rainier Arias / Facebook

His fitness journey was not easy but it motivated other netizens to start losing weight. Perhaps this guy’s fitness journey from Harambe to Harambae would motivate you as well?