Guy Taking a Ride on “Angkas” Motorcycle in Coma after Fall, But Company Refuses to Help Family

Aside from popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab, did you know “Angkas” also exists for those willing to ride a motorcycle, instead?

But the police and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) are now warning the public against the dangers of using this particular app after the family of a passenger in critical condition after fall of an Angkas motorcycle complained because the company refuses to help them at all.

Part-time model Alejandro “Allen” Cajano was on his way home one rainy night when he decided to take a ride on an Angkas motorcycle. But they met an accident after the motorcycle slipped on the motorway for braking too fast when the vehicle in front made a sudden stop.

Photo credit: Sunshine Cajano / GMA News

The young man accidentally fell off the motorcycle, hitting his head on the pavement. Unfortunately, he was also hit by an SUV whose dashcam caught everything that happened, the video of which would later be shared with the authorities.

Due to the fall and getting subsequently hit by the SUV, Cajano suffered severe injuries on his head and spinal cord, putting him into coma.

But while the SUV driver has helped the family with some of the expenses, Angkas has reportedly refused to help the family even though the hospital bills have amounted to over Php1 million.

Photo credit: GMA News

According to Sunshine Cajano, the victim’s sister, they tried to seek help from the company but feel like they were beggars because they company refused to provide them with any assistance.

When traffic investigators sought the company’s statement, Angkas manager Ralp Brondial wrote that while the driver Zammy Banzuela was authorized to use the ride-sharing app to connect with passengers, he is not directly employed by the company. In not so many words, it was implied that the company had no obligation over what happened to Cajano.

Photo credit: GMA News

The family has brought the matter to the police and the LTFRB in hopes that they can get help for Cajano who remains in critical condition.

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