Grade School Lovers Celebrating 3rd Monthsary Receive Mixed Reactions from Concerned Netizens

Have you ever noticed how kids as young as grade school age are actually in a relationship these days? Many of us would definitely say that we were more interested in playing games and climbing trees than with love at that age but it is a reality that we now notice in today’s young children.

Take for example these young lovers who go by the names Claudie Marie Leliza and Janus Maurice Brown II on Facebook.

The two recently went viral after they posted photos of their sweet celebration for their 3rd monthsary wherein one of them (quite possibly the guy) made a cartolina poster filled with their photos and a lot of hearts.

Photo credit: Janus Maurice Brown II / Facebook

While eagle-eyed netizens laughingly pointed out the “3rd months” grammar mistake, many were more concerned after realizing that these two are most likely in grade school because of their uniforms.

Of course, it is said that love knows no age but many netizens were quite concerned that these two are still too young to really be in love and to focus on love instead of their studies, as young lovers are wont to do.

Many also noted that these two were too young to be serious in their relationship, especially because the post held the caption ‘road to forever’. Considering their age and the length of their relationship, many cringed at the thought of the two already being stuck into thinking about marriage!

Photo credit: Janus Maurice Brown II / Facebook

Some laughed and simply shrugged this off as puppy love while others mocked the two and told them that forever does not really exist; surely, they would break up soon.

But many were simply more concerned about the two being in love at such a young age, considering that incidents of teenage pregnancies are quite high in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Janus Maurice Brown II / Facebook

Do you think these two are too young to be in love?