Grade 5 Pupil Bravely Applies for Cleaning Job at Office to Earn Money for School Project

A Grade 5 pupil from General Santos City in southern Philippines has recently gone viral, earning praise from netizens after it was revealed that he bravely went to an office in the city to apply for a cleaning job so he could earn money for a school project.

The admirable young lad was identified as Kervy James Villarejo, a Grade 5 student at Jose Catolico Sr. Elementary School in the city.

According to netizen Chriszel S. Vicente, Kervy went to their office at Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation – GenSan Branch to ask whether they needed someone to sweep and mop the floors or just about anything they wanted him to clean up. Surprised at the young lad’s courage, they asked why he wanted to take a cleaning job in the office.

Photo credit: Chriszel Singco Vicente / Facebook

Kervy replied that he needs to earn money to pay for a school project; thus, he is willing to do odd jobs.

The office workers were quite amazed at this boy; thus, after the ‘job interview’, they actually decided to just give him the money he needed and not make him clean their office.

Photo credit: Chriszel Singco Vicente / Facebook

Chriszel added that as a single mom, it pains her to see this boy needing to do this just to earn money for a school project but she also felt proud that he did his best to find a way to solve his problem.

Feeling happy that the office staff gave him the money he needed for the project, Kervy promised to come back and show them the finished product as a way of saying “Thank you” for what they did for him.

Thousands of people were so amazed by Kervy, commenting on Facebook that he should be a role model for kids and adults alike.

Many were also touched by his story that they offered to send him money for allowance and other needs!

Photo credit: Chriszel Singco Vicente / Facebook

It’s amazing how Kervy earned so much more in terms of money and admiration because he applied for a job instead of just asking donations from the office workers. He is truly an inspiration, right?