Girl Who Ran Away from Home, Returns to Find Awesome Surprise from Mom

While many of those who run away from home return to find their clothes and various stuff were thrown out of the house by their angry parents, one girl shared the story of how she received surprise gifts from her mother.

Jana Bernardino Lambito recently went viral after she posted a photo showing the awesome gifts she received as a surprise from her mother after she ran away from home. While she did not reveal the reason why she ran away, Jana revealed that she later went home after 3 days and was surprised to receive these gifts.

Aside from branded clothing, footwear, and accessories, she also received imported perfume and a watch. But the greatest surprise of all was the iPhone 7 which was the last one she receive because it was the ultimate gift.

Photo credit: Jana Bernardino Lambito / Facebook

According to Jana, she now understands her mother and aunt; she promises to be good and return the favor they gave her. She expresses gratitude that her mother continued to love her and spoil her with the gifts despite what she did.

The post gained much attention on social media, especially because a lot of netizens could relate with the running away thing but most got their things thrown out instead of receiving awesome surprise gifts like this one!

Others joked that they would run away from home but will first tag their parents so they could expect presents when they get back. LOL.

Have you experienced running away? Did you get presents from your parents when you got back home?