Girl Loses Money to Jeepney Driver, Receives Help from a Beggar So She Can Go Back Home Safely

A girl on her way home lost her money to the jeepney driver but ironically found help in a beggar who had been asking for her some alms.

Arah Matampale shared the story of how she was already riding a jeep on her way home at 9PM last June 30 when she was called by some of her friends when the vehicle made a stop in front of a school in Biñan, Laguna. Thinking that it would be nicer to take the rest of the ride home with them, she hurriedly got off the vehicle.

As soon as she was off, the jeepney driver quickly drove off – and it was only a few minutes later when Matampale realized that the man did not give her change for the Php100 bill ($2) she paid him.

Upon checking her bag and wallet, she realized that she had no money left to pay for the fare home. But when she asked her friends for help, they also told her they only had money to pay for their own fares and no extra to give her.

Photo credit: Arah Matampale / Facebook

Dismayed that she lost her money to the jeepney driver but her friends could not help her, a distraught Matampale was trying to figure out how she could get home when a beggar approached her to ask for alms.

She laughingly told this beggar, a ‘beki’ (gay), that she actually had not money and was seriously contemplating asking alms herself. At first, the gay did not believe her and joked that she’s too beautiful to be a beggar but he would soon realize she was serious when she told him he should just ask money from her the next time they meet again.

Taking pity on her, the beggar gave her some money he had collected so she could get back home safely. She felt embarrassed and didn’t want to accept the money but the gay beggar insisted, telling her she should accept the money because it was getting late and something could happen to her.

Touched by the beggar’s offer, all she could do was accept the money and take a photo with him. Her friends laughed at her for accepting the beggar’s offer but it was the only thing that allowed her to go home safely.

Photo credit: Arah Matampale / Facebook

According to Matampale, she went back to the spot to reward the beggar but he was no longer there. Someone told her that he and the other beggars were taken by the DSWD.

But we’re quite sure that wherever he is now, he will have good karma because of his kind actions. And with him going viral on social media, we hope he gets the break he needs to have a better life out of the streets.