Girl Forced to Juggle Work and School with Motherhood, Shares Experience to Inspire Others

Everyone have their own goals in life – and most of us dream of graduating from college and getting a high-paying job but things don’t always work out the way we plan. In fact, fate often tests us and puts us in a situation that challenges our goals. How you respond to these challenges will eventually shape your future…

Take for example Fatima Balaba, a young lady who encountered a stumbling block on her road to success when she got pregnant. At 17, she’s already a mother but because she hasn’t finished her studies yet, she now has to juggle school and motherhood.

On top of that, Fatima has to find work to support her child and send herself to school, creating a difficult situation that she has to deal with every single day.

Photo credit: Fatima Balaba / Facebook

According to Fatima, her day starts at 6:30 AM when she leaves her house to go to school. More often than not her child is still asleep at the time or she only has a few minutes to spend with the baby before leaving the house.

She gets out of school at 1:30 PM but instead of going home and spending time with her baby, she has to go straight to her job as service crew at Jollibee at 2 PM until 9:30 PM. She often gets home at 10:30 PM but her baby is often already asleep by then.

With very little time left for her child, she laments how the baby couldn’t even say “Mommy” but recognizes everyone else.

Photo credit: Fatima Balaba / Facebook

Still, Fatima bravely declared that she would do her best to overcome these challenges so she could graduate and eventually become successful, hoping that her baby would understand the sacrifices she made this time.

According to Fatima, she knows that people slam teenage mothers for getting pregnant too early but she hopes that this would not stop other young moms like herself from trying hard to reach their dreams and later providing a better life for their children…