Girl Ends Up Spending Php10k after Developing Infection for Using Php20 Earrings!

Many of us often buy cheaper options to save money, instead of getting the more expensive top-of-the-line variants available for a product but buying frugally sometimes ends up costing us more money!

This is what happened to Elace Batula who ended up spending Php10,000 ($200) because she tried to save money by just buying a pair of earrings for Php20 ($0.40). She could have purchased at least two pairs of original gold earrings with the money she spent on medical fees!

In a post on Facebook, Elace half-joked and half-lamented her plight, sharing it with the hashtag, #SaanAabotAngBentePesosMo.

Photo credit: Elace Batula / Facebook

She revealed that she bought the earrings for Php20 but it would later get stuck in her earlobe. While many people tried to remove the earrings, it just wouldn’t budge from its place. It would get stuck there for months until it developed an infection that caused her left ear to swell and become extremely painful to touch.

Elace would wince and cry out each time the ear is accidentally touched. For months she suffered from the pain until she finally sought the help of a doctor. It shocked her so much that the cheap earrings would actually make her spend so much money, instead.

Photo credit: Elace Batula / Facebook

Aside from shelling out Php10,000, Elace also had to deal with the strange looks she gets from people whenever she’s out in public because her ear is wrapped in a large bandage that made her look like she’s wearing a one-sided headphone or earmuff.

Photo credit: Elace Batula / Facebook

The young lady shares her experience on Facebook in hopes that other people can learn from her mistake.