Family Seeks Assistance After Receiving Baby Girl But Hospital Records Show They Had a Baby Boy

Screenshot from video by Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

A family sought assistance from Raffy Tulfo in Action after receiving a baby girl even when the records of Tarlac Provincial Hospital showed they had a baby boy. Was the baby accidentally switched with another one at the public hospital?

According to the baby’s grandmother, Amanda Solis, they had expected that the baby was a boy because the hospital records she is holding showed ‘Baby Boy Dacanay’ born to Janine Dacanay.

While the child was not roomed in with his mother because they were both brought to the ICU due to complications, Dacanay was positive that she saw the child’s gender right after giving birth and that it was, indeed, a boy.

Screenshot from video by Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

When the family was finally able to bring the child home, his grandmother was surprised to find a girl in the morning when she bathed the baby! So, they went back to the hospital but were told that Dacanay had given birth to a girl.

With the birth records showing the baby was a boy, this brought much confusion and anger as the family demanded an explanation. Solis said she held on to the records after the hospital tried to get these from her and replace the ‘boy’ with ‘girl’.