Desperate Mom Requests Jollibee to Buy Paracetamol for Sick Baby, Expresses Joy after Medicine Arrives with Order

One mother who was so desperate to get medicine for her baby took a rather unusual route by requesting it along with her food order – and she expressed joy when the medicine actually arrived with her order!

Shishi Cruz De Leon shared the story of how Jollibee rider Aaron went out of his way to get her the medicine she desperately needed for her baby; and she hopes the story would reach Jollibee so he would receive commendation for going the extra mile to help a customer in need.

Photo credit: Shishi Cruz De Leon / Facebook

According to De Leon, her daughter Gabby had fever. She tried to contact her siblings to help her buy medicine because she couldn’t get out herself as there was no one else to care for Gabby; however, her siblings did not reply and she thinks they were still asleep.

Desperate to get the child’s fever down, she suddenly remembered reading a story about a Jollibee rider buying medicines for a sick customer. Thinking this might be the answer to her problem, she quickly placed her food order on Jollibee’s website, adding a note to request for Tempra drops for her 1-year-old baby.

But she didn’t receive a text message confirming the order, contrary to what the website said she would get. She began to lose hope that the order would arrive but some 20 minutes after she posted her order, the rider arrived.

Photo credit: Shishi Cruz De Leon / Facebook

Aside from the food that she ordered, the Jollibee rider also brought the Tempra drops that she requested! Isn’t that wonderful?

De Leon was also touched and quite impressed when the rider refused to receive any reward for his actions but only told her to write a commendation at the back of the receipt if she wanted to. Amazed and grateful, De Leon asked to take his picture and post it on Facebook.

In the post, De Leon thanked Sir Aaron for going the extra mile so she can give her baby some medicine for her fever.