Cute Boy Who Helps Jeepney Driver Dad Collect Money from Passengers, Catches Hearts of Netizens

A cute little boy has recently caught the hearts of netizens after he was spotted helping out his jeepney driver dad, collecting fare and handing out change to the passengers.

Photos of the young jeep conductor were posted on social media by netizen Yoj Layog. She said that she had boarded the jeep when she noticed the driver’s adorable son helping out in collecting money from the passengers.

Greatly admiring the young lad for being so helpful in spite of his age, Layog snapped some photos which she shared on social media. She also thought that this boy was rather cute.

Photo credit: Yoj Layog / Facebook

Just as Layog expected, the post went viral because so many people found the young boy handsome and adorable as well. A lot of netizens commented how they wished they could also ride on public transport with cute conductors like this one.

But while many adored the kid and praised him for being helpful, a lot of netizens also felt concerned for his safety. Considering that a lot of accidents happen in the busy streets of Metro Manila and in other highly developed areas, many netizens feel that it still is great to keep the kids out of danger by limiting their exposure to these possibly dangerous situations.

Photo credit: Yoj Layog / Facebook

Of course, it is great that he learns about his father’s life and even learns how to deal with customers/passengers or count money but it seems that he is too young to learn about life lessons.

Other netizens said that it is harsh to judge the boy’s father, saying it might be possible that the older man brought the kid because there’s no one home to live him to and it would be safer to just bring the kid while he’s driving.

Photo credit: Yoj Layog / Facebook

What can you say about this adorable little conductor?