******-Stricken Groom Fails to Make It to Reception, **** after Fulfilling Promise of Church Wedding to Wife

Getting married in church had always been the dream of Millie Jane Tique but she didn’t know that when the day would finally arrive, she would became the happiest woman on Earth but would later become the saddest one when her groom was taken away from her forever…

Millie would fall in love with Clark Fudolig in 2003, despite him being 5 years her junior; Clark was 18 at the time while she was 23. Just a year after they met, the two got married in a civil ceremony when Millie got pregnant.

But their honeymoon was cut short just 4 weeks later because Clark had to leave for the US to work as air-con technician, following his parents who are immigrants there. It was their dream to eventually get married in church; thus, Clark promised his bride that he would take her to the altar for a church wedding.

Photo credit: Inquirer / Millie Fudolig

Years passed. The family hoped to migrate to America but this proved much harder than they had anticipated. So, they had to be content with online communication. Meanwhile, Millie worked as human resource officer at the Department of Education’s (DepEd) main office in Pasig City.

Clark gets to visit his family every 2 years, spending roughly 2-3 months with them before once again leaving for the US.

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