Beautiful Wife Shares Photos with ‘Ordinary’ Husband, Slams Stereotypes about ‘Matched’ Couple

It is a sad reality in life that society will always judge you for what you are, the choices you make in life, the career you pick, the life you lead, and the relationships you have. When it comes to couples, society wants them to have similar economic backgrounds, have a small age gap (10 years or more is frowned upon), and look somewhat matched with each other.

Beautiful women are supposed to marry handsome men while the more ordinary looking people should just marry each other. Rich people marry each other because poor people who marry rich ones are dubbed as ‘gold digger’!

Photo credit: Viral4Real

Of course, the reality is that people marry who they love – and that sometimes means loving someone with a different background, someone who looks different than what people would expect them to marry.

Dengs San Pedro has a lot of experience when it comes to getting bashed for her choices because this gorgeous young lady fell in love with a rather ‘ordinary-looking’ guy. When they are together, people stare at them and wonder how her husband made her fall in love. Did he use a love potion on her?

Photo credit: Viral4Real

But Dengs stands by her choice because she loves him. It does not matter to her what society thinks because even if her husband might not be a handsome guy, he is still her prince charming and they are happy together!

She even feels that she is so lucky to have him in her life.

Photo credit: Viral4Real

Netizens will always say what they want to say and judge the couple but for Dengs, it is true love. She hopes that by sharing the photos, she gets to shatter stereotypes about couples looking similar and being ‘matched’.