Amid Heavy Rain, Dedicated Enforcer Stays in His Post to Direct Traffic at Busy Intersection

In a world where many traffic enforcers are assumed to be corrupt and lazy, it is great to hear stories of ones who remain dedicated to their jobs no matter the circumstances. Take for example the legless traffic enforcer in Cebu who went viral last week for directing traffic using his deformed hands from his perch on a customized post.

But another traffic enforcer had also gone viral not because of his missing limbs but his amazing dedication to his job as he continues to direct traffic at a busy intersection in Puerto Princesa, Palawan amid a heavy downpour.

Photo credit: Dela Cruz Qris / Facebook

Identified as Ronnel Mallari, this traffic enforcer earned praise from netizens after photos of him directing traffic under the rain were posted by Dela Cruz Qris. Many netizens were amazed that he would still be doing his job even if meant possibly getting sick due to his dedication.

It was revealed that the traffic lights weren’t working that day, leading Mallari to manually direct traffic even in the pouring rain.

Photo credit: Dela Cruz Qris / Facebook

People were more amazed to learn that Mallari wasn’t actually the only traffic enforcer at the post but he was the only one who braved the elements to do his job.

Photo credit: Dela Cruz Qris / Facebook

Considering that many traffic enforcers are believed to be corrupt and only after ‘kotong’ (bribe), netizens were happy that Mallari remain dedicated to his task as traffic enforcer. We sure hope he remains steadfast to his job; though we are also hopeful he would get some gear to keep him dry the next time it rains.