6-Year-Old Girl Suffers Seizures, Nearly has Stroke due to Excessive Use of Gadgets

How many of us let our kids use gadgets and watch TV or use the computer for as long as they want to, just so they would stay put and not disturb us?

Indeed, a lot of us do that because we feel that the kids would be safer when they are inside the house and just playing with their gadgets instead of getting outside the house and horsing around as such could to broken bones or, worse, the kids getting kidnapped in the worst case scenario.

Yes, there are lots of things that could happen to the kids when they are allowed to play but did you know that letting them play with gadgets also has harmful effects, especially when done excessively?

Photo credit: Icon Molvizar Collamar / Facebook

A horrified mother shared the story of how her daughter suffered from seizures and showed symptoms of having a stroke – and all because of excessive use of gadgets!

In her post on Facebook, Icon Molvizar Collamar shared how her daughter had been using her iPad and used TV whenever the young girl wanted. It was something that she approved of, thinking that no harm can befall her daughter as she only sits or lie down on the bed while using her gadgets.

But months of excessive gadget use had taken its toll on 6-year-old Mikayla. All of a sudden, she suffered from seizures and she could not move half her body, a symptom often associated with stroke.

Photo credit: Icon Molvizar Collamar / Facebook

The terrified mother watched in horror as her daughter convulsed on the floor. She rushed the child to the hospital. Even before all the test results were in, the doctors diagnosed the condition to be something due to too much use of gadgets.

Thankfully, Mikayla survived and was out of the hospital after a few days. Her symptoms were gone, thanks to medications but Collamar was told to limit her use of gadgets to not more than 2 hours per day.

Photo credit: Icon Molvizar Collamar / Facebook

Horrified over the experience, Collamar shares their story in hopes of warning other parents and guardians against letting their children use gadgets too much because what happened to her 6-year-old daughter could also happen to anyone!