While Everyone Rushed Outside to Save Themselves, This Dog Turns Back to Save a Friend

In times of danger, many of us follow our instincts – and that means self-preservation. So, when earthquakes come or whatever calamity might befall us, our natural reaction is to run away from danger.

Last October 15, 2013, a strong earthquake hit Cebu City and nearby islands in the Philippines. As expected, everyone ran outside as fast as their legs could carry. You can’t really blame anyone if they left others behind because it is basic instinct to save ourselves first.

But not everyone was intent on self-preservation.

In a clip that has gone viral on social media even years after the event happened, a CCTV camera captured a heartwarming moment. Amid the confusion as people ran out to save themselves, a dog was also seen following them out.

Screenshot from video by The Animal Bible / Facebook

But once outside the house, this dog realized that something was wrong: its friend was nowhere to be found! Thinking that his friend must have been scared and could be hiding inside the house, this dog went back to the house.

Instead of going away from danger, this dog turned back to save his friend. It really is the most beautiful example of real friendship.

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