Wheelchair-bound Dad Takes Son to School Using His Wheelchair, Earns Praise from Netizens

Many people admired one disabled dad who was photographed taking his child to school using his wheelchair.

Featured on the Facebook page of TV show, Front Row, the man identified only as Tatay Alejandro is said to take his son to school, whether it rains or whether it is a hot day.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

Their plight was difficult because this father had to manually roll his wheelchair using his hands and the boy was already so big that he’s certainly a literally heavy burden for his father yet this noble man does not mind because he loves his son.

Many netizens admired Tatay Alejandro, calling him the ‘Father of the Year’ and commenting how he is the best example of fatherhood and what sacrifices fathers are willing to undergo for their children.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

There were other netizens who were more concerned about this duo’s safety, saying that it was rather dangerous for Tatay Alejandro to be taking his son to school in this manner especially because they had to pass through roads traversed by motorized vehicles.

Others commented how the boy was already too big to be ‘carried’ to school in this manner – but many also said that in a few years, he would surely be the one to push his dad’s wheelchair around.

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