WATCH: Boy Crashes Videoke Party, Surprises Netizens with His Awesome Voice

A young boy who gatecrashed a videoke party in Montalban, Rizal in the Philippines has gone viral after the group whose party he crashed heard his beautiful voice and posted videos of his performance on Facebook.

Identified only as John Kennet, the boy in the video was said to have asked the people enjoying the videoke party whether he could join them for just one song.

The group readily obliged, curious that someone so young would have the guts to interrupt a group’s happy videoke moment with his request. But when he started singing, they were quite amazed at how high his voice can reach!

Photo credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook

Singing “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston, this young lad clearly showed his prowess in singing; although some netizens believe he still needs some coaching because there were times when he was shouting instead of belting out the song with grace.

But considering his age and untrained voice, he is quite admirable! A lot of netizens suggested that he be picked to join “The Voice Kids” once the show opens its new season. He might also fit in with “Pilipinas Got Talent” or some other show where his talent can be truly appreciated.

For now, we’re glad that he’s received recognition in the online world. Let’s just hope he gets noticed by the right showbiz authorities and given the break he deserves…