Viral Video of Two Boys Shows Heartfelt Singing in a Gymnasium

Photo : ABS-CBN News

Have you watched this video? These boys had conquered the hearts of many viewers as their video became viral on social media.

Lendo, 13, and James, 11, were brothers.  They caught the attention of the owner of the gymnasium, Klent Jumalon,  as they gave their all in their song rendition of “You Mean Everything To Me”, as popularized by Neil Sedaka.

Klent took a video of the brothers while singing,  then posted it on his Facebook account, hoping someone might discover their talent, leading to the start of their singing career.   The video gained more than three million likes and  positive compliments which made it viral within 5 days.

Photo : ABS-CBN News

Lendo and James were also  singing in terminals and in the market of their place in Mawab, Compostela Valley, where passersby would stop and watch them as they perform. They will be accorded with applause after each performance and if lucky enough, some among the audience would hand them money.

Photo : ABS-CBN News

Lendo shared that they wanted to be discovered so they can afford to go to school and  financially support their family. Young as they are, they wanted to help their parents as their father, Edgardo, was only working on an irregular basis selling in a school nearby.

And to hone their talent in singing, the brothers made use of their free time practicing  and bonding with their family.

Photo : ABS-CBN News

Helen, the mother of the two, noticed that they have talent  in singing when they were 5 years old.  They also joined previous amateur singing contents which gave them numerous awards and prizes.

Their parents were teary-eyed as they shared how blessed they were for having Lendo and James because the cash prize that the two had won were given to them and were spent for the needs of the family.

For Edgardo and Helen, nothing would make them even more happier than to see their children fulfill their dreams.