Unfulfilled as an Office Girl, A Graduate Finds Success as an OFW

Photo : Fiang Fe Fhaye Padz/Facebook

Many OFWs work as a domestic helper.  While there were many job offers available, it is one of those positions mostly sought.  On the other hand, working as a factory worker was among those left unnoticed making it almost a thankless job.

This is the story of Fiang Fe Fhaye Padz from Bukidnon province who worked as a factory worker in South Korea. She was a graduate of  Bukidnon State University and  took Physical Education and Sports Studies.  Her post on social media had earned numerous likes and positive comments after sharing her experiences on what she went through before becoming an OFW.

Photo : Fiang Fe FhayePadz/Facebook

Fiang narrated that she dreamed of becoming an office girl after finishing college.  She would imagine herself going to an air conditioned office, dressed up in nice uniform, working in front of a computer the whole day, and having coffee breaks, too. In fact,  all of these happened but according to her, she was unable to enjoy the kind of life that she dreamed of.

She shared that her salary did not suffice her personal needs. She was working the whole day, physically exhausted, yet she never had enough money.  There was even an instance when she can’t afford just to buy a burger from a fast food.  Often times, she would resort to consuming egg and noodles for lunch so she can save money.

Fiang was also supporting her family and part of her salary goes to them.  Yes, she was an office girl, the profession that she dreamed of, but never was financially rewarded by it.  That’s the time she decided to leave the country and work abroad.

Photo : Fiang Fe Fhaye Padz/Facebook

Fiang suffered from extreme heat during summer and extreme cold on winter in South Korea. Her work as a factory worker was not that easy but she’s determined to work hard in order to provide for their family.  There were even times that she wanted to break down and cry.  Days had been physically and emotionally draining for her but she kept on striving because she wanted to have a better future.

Photo : Fiang Fe Fhaye Padz/Facebook

But behind her sacrifices, she reaped the rewards that went with it.  She said that she now enjoys financial freedom and working as an OFW was a right decision that she had made.

Fiang was happy to share that she currently earns ten times worth of the salary when she worked as an office girl. She can already buy the things that she wanted and eat all the food that she’s craving for.  Fiang attested that working as a factory worker had helped her live comfortably.