Uber Driver Brings Flowers and Donuts While Returning Phone Dropped by Gorgeous Passenger

A gorgeous lady dropped her phone inside an Uber car. The driver returns it to her, complete with flowers and donuts! The touching gesture quickly went viral on social media, with many netizens making jokes about how this guy was trying to win this beautiful lady’s heart…

Screenshot from post by @__cklucas on Twitter

According to this gorgeous lady who goes by the handle @__cklucas on Twitter, she lost her phone but thanks to the very kind Uber driver, she got it back. She shares photos of the two of them together, with the flowers and the donuts he brought her as a treat.

Indeed, this was not something one would expect a finder to do – because he had to take time off his schedule just to bring back to the lost item to his rather careless passenger. Who would think of bringing her gifts, instead?

Well, many netizens have theories as to why the guy did it. Topping the list is the high likelihood that he’s attracted to her and brought her the gifts on the off chance that she might be single. Hmmmm. Quite possible, right? Perhaps that’s even the most obvious reason!

Of course, some netizens believe he’s just trying to show off and do something that would make him go viral on social media.

Photo credit: @__cklucas / Twitter

What do you think might be his reason for giving her donuts and flowers, eh?