Told to Return it after Ceremony, Graduate Sneaks Out of School to Show Toga to Dying Mom

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life as it marks the fulfillment of all the things he or she has worked for in many, many years. College graduation is most special – and you’d surely want to spend it with the people who truly mattered in your life, namely your parents.

But one graduate didn’t have parents to attend her graduation because her father had already passed away and her mother was confined at the hospital for ******.

Taking a photo with her dad
Photo credit: Christine Jasmin Samante Edrozo / Facebook

Christine Jasmin Samante Edrozo revealed that the school staff had informed them to immediately return the togas at the registration booth after the ceremony but she decided to sneak out with the robes so she could show it to her mother.

After all, it is every parent’s dream to see their children graduate from college.

Photo credit: Christine Jasmin Samante Edrozo / Facebook

Christine happily took a photo with her mother at the hospital, later thanking the guard at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for letting her in so she could show the toga to her mom, despite her arriving at the facility at past the visiting hours because she went directly from the graduation ceremony to the hospital.

She also wrote a heartwarming letter to her mother, in hopes that the older woman would survive her ordeal and see her succeed just like what the latter had always encouraged her as a kid. Sadly, her mother died just a few days after her graduation day.

It was definitely a devastating moment for Christine but she was glad that her mother was able to see her in a toga and knew that, somehow, she managed to take the first step to success just like what they had dreamed about…

Read her touching post:

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