The Internet Loves This Dancing Tindera and Her Kulit Dance Moves

We all have different ways of battling boredom in the workplace. For many, it is through browsing the internet for funny stories or checking their Facebook accounts.

But there are others who are lucky enough to enjoy more exciting and fun options. For instance, there are those who can actually do things like dance or play games! Are you one of these lucky few?

One tindera (vendor) at a sari-sari store in the Philippines has recently gone viral for her kulit dance moves while tending to the little store.

Screenshots from video by Daily News II / YouTube

Because there weren’t a lot of customers buying from her store at the time, this girl passed time by dancing to the beat of a funky music blasting inside the store. But her unique dance moves had the internet smiling, with many netizens calling her ‘kulit’ in a good way.

This girl certainly knows how to have a good time even if she’s all alone and working but she makes sure to attend to her customers each time one arrives to buy something from the store. After the transaction, she gets back to dancing – and it’s really the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Check out this girl’s dance moves. She’s sure to make you smile…

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