Temporarily Jobless OFW Gets Thrown Out by Wife and Mother-in-Law for Being ‘Useless’

After years of working in Saudi and sending his wife a monthly remittance, one overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was unceremoniously dumped for being ‘useless’ because he planned to go home for good.

Nonilo Naingue sought help from veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo after he was kicked out of his own home by his wife and mother-in-law because he was jobless, having gone home the previous month thinking he could stay in the Philippines for good.

Mocked by his wife for being ‘overaged’, Nonilo said he wished to rest for a while as he had worked for too long but a 1-month vacation was too for his wife Jonalyn who said they needed money to pay for their child’s hospital bills.

Screenshot from video by Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

It was revealed that Nonilo sends his wife Php15,000 ($300) a month and even gave her Php80,000 ($1,600) when he arrived; however, she claims she only received Php20,000 ($400) as the rest of the money was spent in their child’s baptism.