Soldier in Marawi Clash Goes Viral for Sweet Moment with 2-Month-Old Baby Trapped in Clash

Screenshots from video by Josephine Jaron Codilla / Facebook

Thousands of people displaced by the clash in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur in southern Philippines remain in the evacuation centers or wherever place they had taken shelter in after the war broke out last May 23, 2017.

Thankfully, many of those trapped in the city have been rescued. Among these is the group of 38 people, mostly teachers and staff of Dansalan College Foundation Inc., who were given shelter by a Marawi prosecutor when the war broke out.

A composite team from the Joint Special Operations Unit 2 (JSOU2) managed to extract the group and lead them to safety. Josephine Jaron Codilla reports that this team includes operatives from several units: 1st Mechanized Battalion, Light Reaction Companies, 14th Scout Ranger Company, RPSB 10, Special Action Force and CMO Battalion.

Screenshots from video by Josephine Jaron Codilla / Facebook

After the group was rescued, they were provided with much-needed food, supplies, and most especially medical attention as they have been trapped in the house for 13 days, with low supplies and also living in fear for their lives.

One of the sweetest moments caught on camera by Codilla is the tender loving care a soldier gave to a 2-month-old baby trapped in the clash. The soldier carefully wiped the baby’s body and checked his tiny body to ensure he was alright.

Then, this kind man tenderly took the baby in his arms and gave the little boy a hug. It was a sweet moment that brought tears to many netizens’ eyes – for here is a tough soldier who is quite capable of showing tender love to this baby boy…

Watch the sweet moment here: