Self-Confessed ‘Ugly Duckling’ Overcomes Insecurities to Run a Successful Medical Spa Business

Photo credit: AURA RUZ - Business News

Pinanganak akong maitim. Actually ako yung pinaka-ugly duckling sa aming magkakapatid. Literal na ako yung pinakapangit,” Aura Ruz-Abad told Rated K.

Indeed, she was overweight and was sometimes mistaken for a gay because of her looks. This brought her a lot of insecurities, even after she got married.

Her husband, Atty. Cernick Abad, later revealed that it was when Aura was pregnant with their second child that she truly had low self-esteem but this was also the time when she managed to overcome her insecurities.

According to Atty. Cernick, Aura was quite fat at the time and had lots of pimples because of hormonal changes brought about by her pregnancy. But she wished to become beautiful.

Photo credit: AURA RUZ – Business News Philippines

So, while her husband reviewed for the bar exams, Aura made herself busy with selling whitening soaps. This not only brought extra income to the family but also allowed her to gain more confidence in herself.

To attract more clients, she used the products and began to change her physical appearance for clients to trust her more. She underwent surgical procedures to augment her buttocks, chest, and nose. She also went to regular glutathione treatments.

With the money she earned from her soap business, she was able to open a medical spa in Sampaloc, Manila. What makes Aura Ruz Medical Spa more attractive to clients is that it had a gorgeous owner who once looked like an ugly duckling! Aura basically became the true face of her business – and it works like a gem!

Today, Aura takes pride in her business and has no qualms in admitting that she was an ugly duckling who has turned into a swan.

Sobrang daming way na para maging maganda tayo… At kung kaya ko, kaya niyo rin!” she said.