Pinoy Student Gets Impromptu ‘Graduation’ in NY Subway after Train Delays Made Him Miss the Ceremony

Photo credit: Nadiya Afzal / Facebook

A young student who was on his way to his graduation was forced to miss the ceremony after train delays – so the kindhearted passengers threw him an impromptu ‘graduation’ that would soon take the internet by storm.

It all started when 22-year-old Jerick Alcantara from Queens rode the subway train so he could attend his graduation from BS Nursing at Hunter College. But the Fil-Am was soon stuck there due to train delay.

Because the unexpected delay was sure to make him miss the ceremony, the ever-positive Jerick joked to his fellow passengers and thanked them for attending his graduation party. Upon learning that he was likely to miss his own graduation, the other passengers urged him to make things ‘official’ as they would throw him one.

Photo credit: Nadiya Afzal / Facebook

So, the passengers created an impromptu graduation ceremony, complete with a makeshift diploma and the traditional picture-taking after the moment.

As expected, people took videos which would soon go viral on social media.