Pinay Domestic Helper Comes Back from Day Off to Employer’s Dirty House, Gets Sympathy from Netizens

Many domestic helpers working in the Philippines and outside the country experience bad working conditions wherein their employers would abuse their rights and only give them a low salary. A lot of these helpers don’t really have good wages, don’t have benefits like health insurance and retirement plan, and rarely get days off.

There are places like Hong Kong that provide these domestic helpers with rights and privileges, including getting regular days off and having fixed salaries that their employers must honor; however, many of these employers have a different notion when it comes to their helpers’ days off.

Photo credit: OFWs in HongKong / Facebook

For instance, one domestic helper shares photos of her employer’s dirty house after she came from her day off. The kitchen looks so dirty and it was clear that the employer didn’t even attempt to clean up anything.