Owner of Private Hospital Personally Allows Discharge of Baby in ICU, Even if Parents Couldn’t Pay a Single Cent!

It is a sad reality in the Philippines that a lot of people die inside hospitals, within reach of medical care, all because they don’t have money to pay for their stay nor have the means to buy the medicines and pay for the diagnostic tests needed.

We’ve heard a lot of harrowing stories of patients dying at emergency rooms after they were refused by the hospital and also of patients not able to get out of the facility because they don’t have money to pay the bill in full.

But our faith in the kindness of hospital staff and owners has been restored after one mom shared the story of how her baby survived with the help of strangers, especially by the owner of a private hospital who allowed them to be discharged even if they couldn’t pay a single cent!

Photo credit: Mitzi Gonzales Valentino / Facebook

Mitzi Gonzales Valentino shared in full detail how her daughter Summer was born last May 17 after 14 hours of labor. But because of the prolonged labor, the baby had already ingested poop. Moreover, she had the further complication of a cord coil.

Photo credit: Mitzi Gonzales Valentino / Facebook

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