Old Lady Approaches People to Ask for a Job… Scammer or Just Another Old Person Who Doesn’t Want to Feel ‘Useless’?

For many, it is our dream to relax and enjoy trips to various places when we get old and retire but there are many old people who have no plans of retiring from their jobs or quitting work because they feel that they would be ‘useless’ and wouldn’t have anything to do by then.

There are many old people in the streets these days, selling food or various stuff so they can help their families. These people have gone viral after netizens shared their photos, in hopes that someone can help them get back home to their families yet a lot return to the streets because they really don’t want to feel useless.

Photo credit: Trending News Portal

It seems that the cycle never ends – and one old lady has once again made waves on social media for a similar thing.

Photo credit: Trending News Portal

In a post on Facebook, netizens Nica Aquino narrated how an old lady approached her to ask whether she needed a laundrywoman. She said that took pity on the old lady but because she wasn’t looking for a laundrywoman, she just had to tell her ‘no’.