Ogie Diaz Shares Heartwarming Moment Daughter Reveals She’s Proud of Him

Being gay and being a dad is not really something that people readily accept but for comedian Ogie Diaz, it’s the only life he knows. He is gay and openly admits that he has crushes on men yet he also fell in love with a woman, Georgette, with whom he has four beautiful daughters.

Society might not be so kind to gays, especially to gay dads but a conversation with his daughter has made Ogie the happiest dad in the world.

The moment happened back in 2015 yet it was so etched in his mind that he shares it on Father’s Day this year. He might not be the dad that society expects him to be but he’s the best dad for his kids! That’s for sure.

Photo credit: Inquirer

The post had gone viral, with many people congratulating Ogie not just for being a good father but for having kind, loving daughters as easily shown by this touching moment with his eldest. Many netizens said that he inspired them because even if he’s not a ‘macho’ man, he is a real man!

Read Ogie’s heartwarming conversation with his daughter: