Netizens Angry at Family of 90-Year-Old Woman Who Still Sells Candies at Gov’t Offices

She’s already 90 years old but unlike other people her age who are retired and resting at home, Lola Maria Malanom of Pangapisan Sur in Lingayen, Pangasinan is still busy working as she sells candies to various government offices in the area.

Her sad plight was shared on Facebook by Bernadette Castillo Fernandez who was alarmed to see such an old lady still carrying a heavy pack and trying to sell her goods. It was also easy to see that Lola Maria is having a rather difficult time moving because of her stooped back.

Photo credit: Bernadette Castillo Fernandez / Facebook

The post has gained much attention on social media, with people telling Fernandez she should have taken Lola Maria to the nearest police station or Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) office so the authorities can properly address her situation.

There were others who thanked Fernandez, however, telling other netizens that there had been a lot of cases of people going viral and getting more help from kind strangers than if they were brought to the proper authorities.

Photo credit: Bernadette Castillo Fernandez / Facebook

A lot were concerned with Lola Maria’s health and well-being, saying that she should be relaxing at home instead of carrying her heavy pack and selling candies. She’s also exposed to the elements, walking under the heat of the sun or sometimes getting drenched in the rain, netizens commented.

We’re certainly hopeful that Lola Maria could get the help she really needs. Just as many netizens also pointed out, her family could be experiencing other challenges and Lola Maria might have willingly volunteered to sell candies to earn money so she wouldn’t feel like she’s a burden to her family.

But this video really is so sad, right?