Millionaire Businessman Wearing Simple Clothes, Matches ‘Power Move’ of Arrogant Networker Bragging about His Expensive Things

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

Everyone who has ever been in a meeting with a networker knows that these people love to brag about the phones, bank accounts, cars, and houses they got from the company they are working for. We can’t really blame them for that as this is the way they can attract their prospects to join their team.

But sometimes, it can be too much for other people.

Take for example millionaire businessman Xian S. Gaza, a young man whose company is based in Hong Kong. He was invited to a coffee meeting by a networker from a well-known company in the Philippines.

Gaza gladly went to the meeting and was ‘open-minded’ enough to speak with the networker. Wearing plain white t-shirt, slippers, and shorts, he went to the designated meeting place.

But even before he started his pitch, the networker placed made what Gaza believed as a ‘power move’ by putting his iPhone 7+, Samsung S7, iPad Mini, and car key on the table. Except for the iPad mini, those things were of no use in the meeting but the guy clearly put those on display as a silent proof of what he has earned in the networking company.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

Well, the move got Gaza ‘triggered’, as he later posted on social media. So, he decided to give the networking guy a lesson by also making a ‘power back’.

He took out his Louis Vuitton bag and wallets (we’re pretty sure those were authentic) as well as his iPhones, also placing them on the table. Embarrassed over his attempt at power play, the networker took back his items and used his iPad mini to start the presentation.

Amused, Gaza took a photo of his stuff using his ‘spare iPhone 7’ and posted this on Facebook where it got quite a number of reactions and comments from amused netizens. Of course, not all the comments were positive as there were those who called him and the networker as immature but many were giving him a pat on the back for cleverly shutting down the ‘arrogant’ networker.