Men Accidentally Break Coconut Trees While Having Fun, Gets Slammed by Netizens

Screenshots from video by Danified / Facebook

Instead of planting trees to save the environment, two men accidentally break coconut trees while having fun – and this earned the ire of netizens who were angry that these two were crazy enough to do this, without thought for the consequences of getting these trees cut.

The video was shot in an unknown location and it is not clear whether this was in the Philippines or some other Asian country.

In the clip, two men could be seen having a race on what looks like very slim coconut trees that were slanted at a crazy angle over a river or a flooded land. It was easy to see that those coconut trees were slimmer than regular ones and that these might not carry the weight of these grown men.

Screenshots from video by Danified / Facebook

But that did not stop them from getting up on those trees and having their race, anyway. For them, it was just something fun to do. There’s this huge possibility that the trees could break and send them to the water but it was going to be fun, right?

As you can see in the video below, the men quickly climbed up the trees but even when the trees bent dangerously low to the water, they did not stop. Sadly, both trees snapped after the men were more than halfway up! The second man did not even stop what he’s doing even after seeing the other guy fall into the water because the tree’s trunk broke.

Many netizens were angry at these men, calling them idiots for what they did. A lot also felt sad that the trees were harmed just because these two men and the guy behind the camera thought this was something fun to do.

Watch the video here: