Heartbreaking Video Shows Boy Trying to Stop OFW Mom from Getting Inside Airport and Leaving Him

A heartbreaking video is going viral on social media, showing a boy doing his best to try and stop his overseas Filipino worker (OFW) mother from getting inside the airport and leaving him.

It is a heartbreaking scene that many encounter at the airport. And while you can see the mom smiling in the video, we all know that deep inside she is feeling his pain. Moms couldn’t resist their crying babies and this is all the more heartbreaking in that she wouldn’t be able to see him for a few years.

The OFW, Jyllan Melchor, could be seen pulling a red trolley bag towards the airport but her son quickly runs after her and tries to wrestle the bag from her hand so he could pull it back and bring her home. It is a sad scene that shows the stark reality of what many OFWs are going through.

Screenshot from video by Jyllan Melchor / Facebook

Jyllan’s post has since gone viral; although the reactions from netizens weren’t all supportive. While many found the video adorable, others believe that the child shouldn’t be made to undergo such trauma and should have been left at home so he wouldn’t see his mother go.

It breaks our hearts to see this boy cry. We do wish that more job opportunities will be created in the Philippines so that lesser parents would have to leave the country to meet their families’ financial needs.