Half-Pinay with Moles All Over Her Body Goes Viral after Joining Miss Universe Malaysia

Inspiring confidence and courage in those who look different, half-Pinay Evita Patcey Edgar Delmundo, 20, of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia has recently gone viral for joining Miss Universe Malaysia, a feat that is incredible considering most people believe beauty queens should look flawless.

With the huge, dark moles all over her body and even on her face, Evita is certainly not the person you would expect to be among the candidates of a beauty competition whose winner would represent the country to the international competition, Miss Universe.

Photo credit: @evita_delmundo / Instagram

But Evita is confident enough that she’d make it through the screening process and have the chance to win the coveted crown!

She takes inspiration from fellow half-Pinay Pia Wurtzbach who won Miss Universe 2015 while representing the Philippines.

Evita’s journey to becoming a beauty queen is certainly one that inspires many, especially because she struggled with her self-confidence as a kid due to bullying. Cruel kids called her names and told her she’s a monster because of her unusual skin.

Photo credit: @evita_delmundo / Instagram

She hated her skin and wished she was born different but she began to embrace her uniqueness upon reaching high school as she gained new friends. Her peers were also more accepting of her skin when she was in high school, allowing Evita to eventually gain enough confidence to begin dreaming about being a beauty queen.

Muli kudat~ 😁💕

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Joining Miss Universe Malaysia is certainly a huge step for Evita – and she certainly is the champion among people with unique features! We sure hope she gets into the final competition and gets equal chance at getting the crown despite her spotted skin.

Good luck, Evita!