Girl Who Took 8 Jobs Just to Finish College, Graduates Cum Laude from UP!

Life wasn’t easy for Geoselle Dela Cruz who experienced everything from going to school on an empty stomach on many occasions, always getting delayed in her school and dorm payments, and having to work at least eight jobs just to support herself and finish college.

She’s done everything from doing tutorials to selling food and pre-loved stuff. She was also a dance choreographer, rappel instructor, and host/emcee in various shows just so she could earn some extra cash.

Indeed, life was hard especially in her fourth year when her mother was hospitalized, her brother suffered from a mental condition, and their electricity was cut off for many months. Yet she managed to complete her thesis, finish all the requirements, and graduate as cum laude!

Isn’t she amazing?

Photo credit: Geoselle Dela Cruz / Facebook

Geoselle’s story is something that a number of students can relate to – and it is just amazing that she managed to persevere despite all the odds against her finishing her dreams.

She wrote a beautiful testimony on Facebook which earned thousands of likes and shares from netizens who admired her resilience and hard work. Many were also impressed at the way she candidly wrote about her trials and that she wasn’t afraid to admit she was poor and struggling.

Read her story and be amazed…

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